Why We Created Growtholic?

It’s extremely challenging for any startup to acquire customers at a minimal cost with high growth rate. Predicting user behaviour and customer lifetime value has been next to impossible.

With technology growing all around us, Growth is no longer just marketing team’s work. It’s a combination of Creative minds, Marketers, Sales, Data Analysts & Engineers. For brands it’s becoming difficult to build an efficient growth team.

So, we created a growth agency that can help startups & brands to hack the growth they are looking for, using growth hacking process and unconventional marketing techniques.

"We are a team of creative minded, tech savvy, data junkies, digital experts and growth hackers focusing on scaling user growth, engagement and retention for startups & brands."

"We can implement these growth programs end-to-end for you or can work alongside your existing teams."


Years of hands-on experience with the most popular marketing technology platforms and tools.

So What’s next?

Are You Ready? Let’s Work!